DrummingInnovation Magazine is waiting Itunes approval.


The process started July 28, 2012 when I became partners with Magcast.

When the Ipad first came to be, more of them were sold than McDonadl’s hamburgers within the same amount of time, AND the Ipad is $499 a pop (not 60 cents). Quite amazing. 67 million Ipads were sold in 2 years. Nothing in world has sold 67 million of anything in that amount of time!

What makes it so amazing? First of all, I’m talking about the publishing aspect in conjunction with the capabilities and characteristics of Drumming Innovation Magazine. When you want something, you want it now. The convenience of the Itunes NewsStand has made it so your publications are quickly downloaded and waiting for you when your ready to read them. Can you imagine waiting 30-60 seconds for something to download? It sounds absolutely ridiculous that you couldn’t wait that long but, how quickly can you change your mind? Very Quickly!!! Convenience is absolutely a huge key here.

Your Ipad gives you an amazing experience. Video, audio and the ability to link to anything in the world. You can order food, talk to someone in India (I’m gonna order Indian food shortly), buy clothing, sell windmills, play games and do business. Incredibly Innovative. Most of us wouldn’t know what to do without it at this point.:)

When I made the decision to work with Magcast to help me publish a drumming magazine, I realized I was opening a door to the other side of the world (globally) and I am excited to pass my experiences and knowledge to others through this publication.