by beatcreature November 9, 2013

BrianthumbtackpicDrumming Innovation Magazine is a publication with Streaming video, articles and lessons all featured on an incredible platform. The iPad, iPhone and iPad Mini.

Why publish another drumming magazine and compete with so many big names out there? We’re not looking to compete with any drumming magazine out there other then to add our creative spin on drumming ideas along with other like-minded percussionists, teachers and enthusiasts. It’s all process.

It is […]

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by beatcreature October 18, 2013


The process started July 28, 2012 when I became partners with Magcast.

When the Ipad first came to be, more of them were sold than McDonadl’s hamburgers within the same amount of time, AND the Ipad is $499 a pop (not 60 cents). Quite amazing. 67 million Ipads were sold in 2 years. Nothing in world has sold 67 million of anything in that amount of time!

What makes it so amazing? First of […]

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