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Join the BeatCreature Army and acquire the profound “secret weapons” of technique to unlock your greatest creative abilities and achieve your highest level of drumming potential.

Also providing In App Purchases of drumming courses, personal insights and performances that have helped students, teachers and performers aspire to be better drummers than they were yesterday. Coming Soon – “Home Grown Grooves”! A course created with video coaching to teach groove independence. Watch for previews.

Maximize your practice time and focus on specific material that will exponentially grow true talent, creativity and freedom on the drum set. Welcome BeatCreature Army.

The Talent Code

Ever wonder if you are too old or just not as able as others to be great at something? Your age, where you grew up, and how poor or rich you are has absolutely nothing to do with your current talent or your potential for having great abilities.
Check out my discussion and insights having to do with the Talent Code and understand how talent is grown and NOT already hardwired to lucky people.
This applies to Olympic athletes, great artists/musicians as well as landscapers, house moms and ANYONE out there that has ever said “I wish I could be that good at something”!
The discussion and highlights can be found inside my BeatCreature Drumming App HERE.
BeatCreature Drumming App

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Let our issues help you with your issues! Muscle problems, posture, technique for all levels from beginner to advanced and a mindset to drive you thru the practice room and beyond the big stage.


Let our issues help you with your issues!


Get fun and easy to follow drum lesson videos, articles, reviews and more! Drumming Innovation Magazine is a bi-monthly digital magazine that features streaming video drum lessons, app and drummer reviews, featured articles from influential educators teaching old and new techniques, inspiring a new level of creative performance and effective regiments to influence your greatest potential. Check out the latest issue and experience Drumming Innovation!


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